Flowerchild – 600 MG


• Bottle Size: 1oz
• Potency: 600mg of Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) per bottle
• Potency per dropperful: 20mg per dropper
• Servings: 30 (1 dropperful)
• Directions: ½-1 dropperful 1-3x a day as needed
• Ingredients: Grape seed oil, hemp oil extract (CBD), peppermint oil
• Activation Time: 1-2 hours
• Flavor: Natural (oil) and Peppermint flavor

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FlowerChild Herbal products start as a whole plant extract. The flowers and leaves of the plant are removed and used to extract the compounds using food grade alcohol. The alcohol is then cooked off leaving a rich, black oil, filled with the essence of the plant. All of the compounds, terpenes and flavonoids are retained, and full of healing potential! This oil extract is infused into grape seed oil in varying amounts to provide different blends.

Take 5-10 drops daily or as directed by a health care professional. Place under the tongue and hold it there as long as possible before swallowing. This is the fastest and the most effective way to help it enter into the blood circulation and the brain.

CBD Extract, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil.

If your are pregnant, lactating, or suffering from a serious illness, ask your doctor before giving or taking any kind of supplement or changing your diet.


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